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Welcome to the Top Marks Education booking page.

You can choose to have either a 30 minute, 45 minute or a 1 hour online lesson.

Lessons are available from Monday to Saturday. I am available for lessons between 9 am and 8 pm London time. (8 pm being the latest start time for a lesson.)


I offer online lessons in the following subjects:

11+ preparation

Literacy & English

GCSE/AS/A Level English Language & English Literature

English as a Second Language

Prices are as follows:

30 minutes of online tuition = £10.00

45 minutes of online tuition = £15.00

60 minutes of online tuition = £20.00

If you need more information about the online lessons I offer, click on the button "Online Lessons" to find out more.

Booking Process

Step 1

You will need to complete the lesson booking form. You will be asked if you have previously contacted me about what you hope I will do for you / your child and details of any specific learning needs or requirements. You will be prompted to complete the learner information section if you have not done so. This information will be used to determine if Top Marks Education is able to provide the type of learning you require. 

If you have already submitted these details to us, then you will be able to select your subject, the length of the lesson and dates and times when you would like a lesson. You will be asked to select at least one date. You may select up to three dates and as many times as you wish for each date. 

Step 2

Once you have completed and submitted the appropriate form, I will then contact you regarding my availability. If I am available, I will offer you one of the date and time options you have selected. You will also receive a PayPalMe link to allow you to make your payment.

Step 3

On receiving notification from Paypal that payment has been successfully made, I will then book the lesson on either Ring Central or Google Meet and you will receive an email with details of the meeting and links to your shared Google Docs and any other links.

To book a lesson, please complete the form.

Thank you for booking your lesson with Nicola at Top Marks Education. 

I look forward to working with you! If you need to contact me or have any further questions, click on the link below.