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Numeracy / Maths & The National Curriculum

Numeracy or Maths is one of several subjects that form the heart of the National Curriculum in state schools and in some private schools. Academies do not have to follow the National Curriculum.

The National Curriculum stipulates statutory learning outcomes that pupils attending certain schools must achieve. Numeracy outcomes are specified for each year group and each of the five "key stages" that form part of the National Curriculum.

The National Curriculum covers five key stages. Detailed below are the five stages and their corresponding year groups and age ranges.

Key Stages

The national curriculum is organised into blocks of years called ‘key stages’ (KS). At the end of each key stage, the teacher will formally assess your child’s performance.

Age Year Key Stage Assessment

3 to 4 Early years

4 to 5 Reception Early years Teacher assessments (there’s also an optional assessment at the start of the year)

5 to 6 Year 1 KS1 Phonics screening check

6 to 7 Year 2 KS1 National tests and teacher assessments in English, maths and science

7 to 8 Year 3 KS2

8 to 9 Year 4 KS2

9 to 10 Year 5 KS2

10 to 11 Year 6 KS2 National tests and teacher assessments in English and maths, and teacher assessments in science

11 to 12 Year 7 KS3

12 to 13 Year 8 KS3

13 to 14 Year 9 KS3

14 to 15 Year 10 KS4 Some children take GCSEs

15 to 16 Year 11 KS4 Most children take GCSEs or other national qualifications

16 to 18 Years 12 & 13 KS5

AS & A Levels and vocational qualifications are studied.

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For details of each key stage and what Maths skills are learned in each year or key stage click on the links below and then use the contents menu to navigate to the section you require.

Maths/Numeracy - Key Stages 1 & 2 - The National Curriculum

Maths/Numeracy - Key Stage 3 - The National Curriculum

Maths/Numeracy - Key Stage 4 - The National Curriculum

General Numeracy Resources for Learners & Teachers

Times Tables - Quizlet

Below are Quizlet cards for students to practise their times tables. The default display is flashcard, which is great for learning the times tables. To change the format, choose from the options at the bottom of each set by clicking on the drop down menu.

2 Times Tables

3 Times Tables

4 Times Tables

5 Times Tables

6 Times Tables

7 Times Tables

8 Times Tables

9 Times Tables

10 Times Tables

11 Times Tables

12 Times Tables

General Numeracy Resources for Learners & Teachers - Downloadable Resources

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