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Welcome to my page study skills resources page!

If you've arrived here, you're either a student who would like to improve their study skills or you're a parent or carer of a student who needs resources to help their child to develop better study habits. You've come to the right place to find help.

Here you will find information about study skills and lots of free study skills resources for learners and teachers.

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Why do we need to learn good study habits?

Quite simply, good study habits and skills are not necessarily an innate trait but something each individual needs to learn and cultivate. Developing good study habits can transform your academic results. It's on this page that you will find a range of resources designed to help to achieve the best results possible. Study techniques can and should be adapted and personalised to suit you or your child's needs.

Here are some of the study skills topics that will be featured on this page:

  1. Planning and designing a study area (lighting, ergonomics, location, resources, technology, reference resources, clocks, calendars, notice boards etc.)

  2. Managing daily school routines: subject specific equipment and P.E . kits.

  3. Exam strategies

  4. Managing homework - time management, resource skills

  5. Essay writing - analysing and understanding question types, planning an essay, drafting and editing, time management.

  6. Writing skills - choosing and appropriate writing style, editing and proofreading

  7. Reading skills - scanning and skimming

  8. Note taking

  9. Presentations

  10. Managing digital learning

  11. Revision (prioritising subjects, calculating optimum study time for you, planning a realistic timetable, exploring specific revision techniques e.g. flashcards. stress management, sleep, hydration, nutrition, relaxation and exercise)

  12. Exam strategies

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